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Certified Organic. Pure, natural and environmentally friendly

This beautiful range is 100% certified organic - look no further if you’re after a solution for sensitive skin, or you don’t want to compromise on quality. Highly concentrated but pure and natural, with no parabens or other nasties – and there’s even a special range for children.
The Hairdresser Angel Dancoly Paris is an Award winning Hair Care range, devoted to the corporate and social conversations and sustainability of our planet
The Hairdresser Ingredients based on a fusion of essential oils and plant extracts
The Hairdresser Specifically formulated to be gentle and effective for all hair types

Angel Rose Elastic Curl

Enriched with moisturizers and repairing nutrients can effectively repair the damaged hair after chemical treatment

Angel Rosemary Hair Activating

Nourishes roots to prevent hair loss while repairing damaged hair, leaving hair strong, vibrant and healthy

Angel GreenTea Strength

Cleanses and purifies hair and scalp by removing excess oil while preventing bacterial infection.

Angel Verbena Oil Control

For daily use, can gently cleanse oily hair and scalp without irritation or over stimulation

Angel Grapefruit

Can supplement nutrients to hair and boost its absorption, restoring hair back to its natural PH balance

Angel Orange Flower

Designed for colored hair to prevent fading, keeping color treated hair at its peak, Protects hair against environmental damages.

Angel Lavender

Thoroughly cleanse your hair while restoring its natural balance, leaves hair vibrant and full of body.