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About Us

Find out more about our Mairangi Bay Hair stylists

Michelle Budge

Owner | Hairdresser

I’m the driving force behind, making sure that all our clients share the same great experience when they visit our salon. Trained under the renowned Anne Squires, and now with over 29 years in the hair industry, including a period working on the advisory bureau for L’Oreal.

My passion:
My passion is precision cutting - I'm inspired by classic European hairstyles and fashion. It is important for me to create an individual hairstyle for you that you’re able to replicate at home. After all, my motto is, 'if you look good, so do we..'

Mandy | hairdresser


I trained at Carlton Hair International in Cape Town, South Africa, and have been in hairdressing for more than 10 years.

My Passion

I’m inspired by people, and the best part of my job is making my clients feel great about themselves. It’s such a great feeling to watch clients leave the salon, knowing that their hair looks amazing.

Kim | Hairdresser

I’ve been trained by and worked for Carlton Hair International in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve had over 18 years salon experience, including several television presenters and magazines (Oprah magazine).

My passion:
My passion is to create a warm and friendly environment for people to look and feel their best.